Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Debt Stats Now Available At

Been a busy few weeks with work, campaigns and helping friends move. Yet the Debt continues to grow in my absence.

Here are the figures for the Month of October 2007 courtesy of the U.S. Treasury at

Debt Held By The Public (Nov. 7, 2007): $5,082,087,499,065.19
Intragovernmental Holdings (Nov. 7, 2007): $4,002,186,282,492.45
Total National Debt (Nov. 7, 2007): $9,084,273,781,557.64

Gifts to Reduce Public Debt Held By Public (Sept. 2007) $27,460.42
Total Gifts for FY 2007: $2,624,862.42

Interest Payment - October 2007: $22,310,362,733.54
Since October 2007 is the first month in FY 2008, the October amount reflects the cumulative total for the Fiscal Year.

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