Monday, October 15, 2007

Newest Debt figures released

I'm about a week behind the times, but the October monthly statement of the National Debt has been released. Here is a summary:

National Debt Total as of 10/12/2007:

Of that, the debt held by the public comes to: $5,038,254,667,984.29
and Intragovernmental holdings (trust funds) are: $4,006,002,021,756.10

In September, taxpayers paid $19,186,822,742.64 in interest on our National Debt (19 billion is roughly three quarters of the gap that Congress and the Administration are arguing over for the SCHIPS program funding increase).

During the 2007 fiscal year, taxpayers paid: $429,977,998,108.20 in interest. (Just shy of $430 billion - just think of what we could do with that money if we weren't paying interest - tax cuts anyone?)

For public contributions to reduce the national debt, $10,518.85 was donated to the Treasury Department in August 2007, with $2,597,402.00 given year-to-date. ($2 million donated to the Treasury with $19 billion in interest payments in one month.)

Next report will be out on the 4th business day of November.

These figures are available at Treasury Direct,

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