Friday, September 24, 2010

Just the Facts: Deficit Commission member Jan Schakowsky

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Rep. Jan Schakowsky was elected in 1998 to represent Illinois’ 9th congressional district. Prior to that, she served in the Illinois State Assembly. Rep. Schakowsky serves on the House Select Intelligence Committee, and on the House Energy and Commerce Committee where she worked to pass the recent health care reform bill. Rep. Schakowsky also serves as the Democrats’ chief deputy whip.
In an April column in The Huffington Post, Rep. Schakowsky outlined her ideas and hopes for the fiscal commission. She said, “Much will be said about what we can and cannot afford. These questions must be considered in the broadest possible context. For example, I believe that we can’t afford to skimp on educating our children … Bottom line, while we are committed to freeing our children and grandchildren from crippling debt, we must be just as committed to assuring that they are not ignorant, sick and unemployed.”
Rep. Schakowsky says the current budget deficit is not only a result of tax and spending policy, but also the recession, which she blames on Wall Street. Schakowsky has outlined cuts she would advocate, include eliminating tax loopholes, improving the government contracting system, and cutting outdated weapons systems.
In June, Rep. Schakowsky said it was unlikely the commission would come to an agreement on how to tackle the deficit because conservatives are unwilling to consider tax increases.

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