Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year

It's pretty sad when one has to celebrate for NOT hitting a milestone. I'm celebrating because we still haven't hit the $10 Trillion National Debt level. Sadly, the way things are going, I'm sure we'll hit it by the end of the year.

Since I've been out of town and have had computer problems, I haven't been able to post for the past two months. Needless to say, despite my inability to monitor our debt for the past two months, it kept creeping up.

Here are the latest statistics from TreasuryDirect.com pertaining to the National Debt (effective Jan. 4, 2008).

Debt Held by Public: $5,116,199,834,200.04
Intragovernmental: $4,081,378,046,617.39
Total Debt (4 Jan): $9,197,577,880,817.43

Interest Payments FY08:
October 2007 - $22,310,362,733.54
November 2007 - $25,344,987,578.31
December 2007 - $106,138,177,851.45

Total 1st Q: $153,793,528,163.30

Gifts to reduce the Public Debt:
November 2007 - $27,617.15
October 2007 - $189,907.48
FY08 to Date: $217,524.63

Gifts to reduce the Public Debt in FY 2007: $2,624,862.42

Now that we are into the Presidential Primary season, it would be nice if the politicians who want to be our next leader would finally address this key issue. The silence is deafening!!

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