Monday, February 2, 2009

Crist, McCollum up for 'Comrade of the Month' award

Charlie Crist up for supply-siders’ ‘Comrade of the Month’ award
by Wayne Garcia

The Club for Growth, Grover Norquist’s supply-side neocon outpost, puts a boot into Florida’s governor this week as it institutes its first Comrade of the Month award:

FLORIDA GOV. CHARLIE CRIST: State Farm Insurance recently announced that it would stop selling property insurance in the Sunshine State due to overly punitive government regulations. In response, Crist was unremorseful.

He said, “”Well, they probably charge the highest rates in the state anyway. I think Floridians will be much better off without them.” Crist now wants to punish State Farm by kicking their auto insurance business out of Florida as well. Crist tries to pass himself off as a fiscal conservative, but his actions as governor contradict his rhetoric.

Crist is up against Congressman Barney Frank, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Congresswoman Betty McCollum and liberal pundit Bob Beckel. All Democrats

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