Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Club for Growth Announces First "Comrade of the Month" Winner

Barney Frank Takes Prize in a Landslide

From a Press Release from "Club for Growth"

Washington – The Club for Growth’s award to the first Comrade of the Month goes to...Democratic Rep. Barney Frank (MA-04).

As Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Rep. Frank won the award for his instrumental role in shepherding the $700 billion TARP plan through Congress. This program marked a massive expansion of government and intrusion into the free market. By rewarding irresponsible actors, it sets a dangerous precedent that will have negative effects for years to come. Rep. Frank’s role in this process is all the more offensive, considering his persistent opposition to serious reform of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae over the past couple of years.
The Comrade of the Month award will be awarded at the end every month to the public official or figure who best lives up to the policies of big government and favors restrictions on economic freedom.

Throughout the month of January, the Club for Growth received nominations from people all across the country. At the end of the month, the Club selected five nominees for Club for Growth members to vote on. Barney Frank won January’s title by an overwhelming margin.
“Barney Frank has certainly done his fair share to grow the size and power of the federal government at the expense of hard-working taxpayers,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “We hope this award will shine an even brighter light on the most egregious policies that seek to limit economic freedom.”

Minnesota's 4th Congressional District Representative Betty McCollum (D) and Florida Governor Charlie Crist were also nominated.

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