Thursday, February 4, 2010

Democrats Propose $1.9 Trillion Debt Limit Increase

by Shannon Bell

Last November Congress raised the debt limit for the United States bringing our National Debt to a whopping $12.3 Trillion dollars. Now, just two months later, democrats propose raising the debt limit $1.9 Trillion bringing the total debt incurred by the country to $14.3 trillion dollars. The move is being urged by the White House, of course, and will almost certainly pass.

Like every other piece of legislation making its way through congress right now, democrats are almost solely responsible, for good or ill. Democrats proposing $1.9 Trillion increase in the debt limit is ill timed legislation to say the least. They own it, and they know it. Considering the fact that racking up debt is one of the factors that led to the Scott Brown victory inMassachusetts.

A White House statement said that increasing the debt limit, “is critically important to make sure that financing of federalgovernment operations can continue without interruption and that the creditworthiness of the United States is not called into question.” I’m thinking that perhaps the creditworthiness of the United States has already been called into question by many. China for one, Russia for another.

The democrat proposal to raise the debt limit is just a quick fix to a much larger and growing problem. These clowns have borrowed and printed so much money that it will almost certainly never be paid off. The purpose of raising the debt limit is to be able to continue government programs which for the most part are entitlement programs which we went into debt to pay for in the first place. It’s like taking out a loan to pay the minimum on your credit card bill. It simply makes no fiscal sense.

Government itself has become a beast that needs to be fed constantly. Its food is money, and it never gets enough. The beast will constantly eat, the beast will never shrink, it will always increase its tolerance for more. And then it will meet and exceed that and continue wanting more. Never stopping until it explodes, gorging itself into oblivion.

Conservatism can tame the beast, conservatism can kill the beast. Democrats proposing $1.9 Trillion debt limit increase into a massive $14.3 Trillion debt is just another tool to be used by conservative members of congress, politicians, candidates and pundits to insure that the destruction of the beast which started on Tuesday continues right through November of this year.

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