Thursday, June 25, 2009

Newest National Debt Statistics posted June 2009

The newest National Debt Statistics are as follows. My apologies for the late posting, I usually try to get these posted as soon as the report is made public.

According to, the National Debt on June 23, 2009 is as follows:

Publicly held: $7,127,688,946,496.39
Intragovernmental Holdings: $4,280,284,814,654.63
Total: 11,407,973,761,151.02

This represents a per capita debt of approximately $37,159.52 for each man, woman and child in the United States (using a U.S. Population of 307,000,000 as a variable).

In May 2009, taxpayers paid $20,600,287,859.26 in interest payments alone, and $214,037,868,013.27 for the entire fiscal year to-date.

In April 2009, the bureau of the public debt received $2,857,908.25 in gifts to reduce the public debt.

Since President Obama took office, the debt has grown by $779,092,275,640.79. This represents a daily growth of $5,059,040,750.91 increase per day during the 154 days he's been in office.

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