Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Email to Dave Ramsey concerning VistaPrint

Since Dave Ramsey receives hundreds of emails a day from listeners, I thought I would post my email to daveonair in case he doesn't use it in his radio show.


I just found myself as a victim of the VistaPrint scam and I want to make your listeners aware of.

A friend of mine gave me his business card and let me know that they had a promotional offer for 250 free business cards - you just pay the shipping. Since I am starting up an internet business, I thought it would be something to check into so I went to their site and, sure enough, a promotional offer for 250 free business cars - you just pay the shipping.

I read over the fine print to make sure that I wasn't signing up for any monthly services that I don't need and to make sure there was not a "catch," as I wanted to make sure this was an above-board operation.

Seeing no subscriptions or anything out of the ordinary, I placed the order. A week later I received my 250 business cards and let me tell you - they looked sharp. The $5.45 was deduted from my account and I got what I paid for.

While looking at my bank statement today, I noticed the following: 64059 DDA PURCH AP9*VISTAPRINTRWRD 888-243-6185 CT US 905527000093 with a deduction in the amount of $14.95.

I called the number and cancelled, but then did an internet search to see that others have the same problem.

VistaPrint might be a reputable company for their printing, but the fact that they allowed 3rd parties to harvest bank accounts and have numerous class action lawsuits (including one that I am probably going to join) tells me now to STAY AWAY.

Here is the response that I emailed them: "My account was debited the $5.45 for the order I placed in January. On 25 Feb 2009, I received a $14.95 charge for Vista Reweards which I did not authorize. Please credit my account the $14.95 or I will lodge formal complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau and my Attorney General. Furthermore, if there is one more deduction from my account I will contact my attorney."

I will probably not see the $14.95 back and will contact the bank tomorrow to make sure they don't authorize any more debits.

Dave, I just paid a stupid tax for not checking them out further. While the amount is miniscule, VistaPrint is not acting on principle and I encourage your listeners to stay away."


hubbers said...

It's worse than you think.

I have a huge blog post with all the details of all of the different scamming sites Vistaprint and Adaptive Affinity run and how best to get a refund.

Check this blog that is the top Google result for "vistaprint scam" and the SCORES of comments form people who have been ripped off!

Please sign this petition!

Jeff Esposito said...

Hello, I’m Jeff Esposito, an employee in VistaPrint’s public relations group, and I saw your blog posting on our rewards program and wanted to reply. On behalf of VistaPrint I am sorry you feel you’ve had a negative experience with our rewards program. Many of our customers that have signed up for the rewards program enjoy its benefits. If you are not happy, or feel that you have enrolled by mistake, please click here or copy this link into your browser window After filling out the form, we’d be happy to process a full cancellation and refund. You can also call 866.870.4124 to receive a refund and cancellation. We’re open from Mon – Fri 5 am – 10 pm EST.

Anonymous said...

A class action lawsuit is currently proceeding against VistaPrint for this very thing... VistaPrint Class Action

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