Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Not Running Against John Kline

In response to those who have contacted me regarding my alleged write-in campaign against John Kline, I am not waging a write-in campaign against the Congressman. I do not live in his district so I cannot even vote for him. My previous post in response to "Why Kline Voted Yes" on the bailout bill has caused an inadvertant error in the blogosphere. There is another guy running a write in campaign against Kline, and it was mistakenly attributed to me because of my post.

While I seriously disagree with the Congressman on this particular issue - he has been a stellar conservative on other issues like opposing earmarks and opening up domestic drilling. If I lived in his district, he would still have my vote.

For those who came here to see the "goods" on the Congressman and why I would wage a write-in campaign against him, I'm sorry to disappoint.

As for a future Congressional bid in Minnesota's 4th Congressional District, I won't rule that out in the future. No write-in this year - Ed Matthews has my vote!

Jeffrey S. Williams
National Debtbusters

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