Sunday, April 20, 2008

Law of the Taxpayer

The following was sent to me by a dedicated reader of National Debtbusters:

I keep hearing (usually from liberals) "you can't legislate morality". Well, then, why do we have laws punishing those who (for example) lie [to the IRS] or steal [from their employer] ? It's because without a man-made law, that dishes out punishment in this world for transgressions, many people would pay no attention
to the ancient "religious" laws of civilisation.

My thought is, I want a law that requires the government -- my government -- to play fair. I'm giving up on the hope of a tax code that is fair or consistent or even understandable. But I know this: when Uncle Sam sends tax "refunds" or "rebates" to big corporations, BEFORE sending me my own little bitty refund, it doesn't really make all that much difference to the Big Guys -- but going without my little tax refund really does hurt me.

The Law of The Sea says the less maneuverale vessel has the right-of-way.

I propose a Law of The TaxPayer: the individuals with the smallest refunds due, get theirs first. Non-individuals (i.e. corporations) get theirs last.

The Democrats are in the majority. & they're always saying they fight for the little guy. Let me see it happen now.

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