Saturday, February 16, 2008

Newest National Debt Statistics posted

Here are the most recent figures related to the size our our National Debt, per

As of Feb. 14, 2008 (Happy Valentine's Day):

Publicly Held: $5,195,943,354,136.82
Intragovernmental holdings: $4,095,955,735,115.73
Total: $9,291,899,089,252.55

Interest payments for FY08:

October 2007 - $22,310,362,733.54
November 2007 - $25,344,987,578.31
December 2007 -$106,138,177,851.45
January 2008 - $24,686,746,422.35
FY08 to date: $178,480,274,585.65

Public Contributions:

December 2007: $113,092.26
FY08 to date: $330,616.89

FY07 totals: $2,624,862.42

Per the IRS, Gifts to reduce the Public Debt ARE tax deductible for income tax purposes. For more information, see

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Jay said...

It would be nice to know if anyone has any ideas on how to start paying off some of this debt, and keep the country running at the same time.
Is it necessary to pay it off or could we default on the whole thing like Argentina did with it's debt?
What is the effect all this debt has on the value of our currency?
If we didn't have to pay off all this interest could we finance social programs like social security, or have a single payer health plan?
Why isn't this interest rate discussed publicly by politicans public figures and the media?

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