Thursday, October 4, 2007

LTTE: Lapses in judgment

Here is my response to Rep. Jim Oberstar's recent commentary, posted below. The letter appeared in the Oct. 1, 2007 edition of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Lapses in judgment

Rep. Jim Oberstar's recent commentary lashing out at the National Taxpayers Union as a "naysayer" organization is utterly laughable.

As the chairman of the House Transportation Committee, he should be working to prevent and fix problems instead of playing the blame game. He also fails to hold himself accountable in the process.

Oberstar points at the time it takes for freight to go through Chicago as a major concern without mentioning how he has failed to secure much-needed funding for the city of Duluth, which would enable a port in his home district to become a major hub for multi-modal freight.

He points out the need for bridge repair, but never advocated it before the I-35W bridge collapsed.

Instead, he continues to spend more earmarks on bicycle trails in his home district, mass transit and other risky schemes while continuing to blame others for his lapses of judgment.

- J. Scott Williams

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